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Now working from the beautiful coast of South Florida, Ronni Sandroff can still get things done in a New York minute. Ronni has published extensively in leading magazines such as Life, NY Times Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Woman’s Day and Working Woman, along with two books of fiction with Alfred. A. Knopf. She is now accepting assignments in the arts & sciences, with a particular interest in psychology.

An award-winning editor and writer, Ronni is a digital ‘gone native,’ who has helped launch and relaunched an array of quality digital and print publications. As Consumer Reports Editorial Director for Health and Family for 13 years, Ronni helped create, launch and grow a number of print and web publications. She is particularly keen on using her skills to establish the right editorial tone for newly launching (or relaunching) publications and websites.

My Story

Join me for a cuppa

My new coffee cup says “Writer’s Block: When your imaginary friends won’t talk to you.” I had to have it when I saw it at a bookstore in Delray Beach. Not that I get writers block. I’ve never been able to afford it. But imaginary friends??!  They don’t get enough recognition, in my view.

Some of us find our calling very young. I had imaginary friends for years before I realized they were actually the voices of characters and my many opinions.

I started writing things down in the fifth grade after the glee club teacher squelched my singing ambitions by telling me to “just mouth the words.” I’ve been mouthing the words to stories, essays, magazine pieces, and, indeed, whole publications and websites ever since.

When I left my last position, after a hectic, all-absorbing decade as an editorial director,  I thought, well that’s enough with the words. I’ve done most everything I’d hoped for and now I could give leisure a chance. Such as, going on drives to nowhere with my cheerful, largely silent husband. Cover Art Basel Miami, take a class, go to the theater, hear some jazz, find some friends.

But it was no use. I kept writing. Mostly on assignment, but, yes, more and more fiction and essays at times when those imaginary friends just won’t shut up.

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Another cuppa?

Publications List   

Alfred A. Knopf, two works of fiction
Consumer Reports on Health
Dance Retail News
Dr. Oz The Good Life
Food & Fitness
Getting It Gazette
Hastings Center Report
Health After 50
L’Etage Magazine

The Nation
New York Times Magazine
Next Avenue
Oncology Times
On The Issues: Feminist Quarterly
Prairie Schooner
Readers Digest
RN Magazine
Sports Illustrated
Woman’s Day
Working Mother
Working Woman


Fellowship, Breadloaf Writers Conference
Page One Deadline Award, New York Newspaper Guild
American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, 2 Awards
Sigma Delta Chi Journalism Society Public Interest Journalism Award
American Academy of Dermatology Award
National Mental Health Association Award
Sigma Delta Chi Journalism society Public Interest Journalism Award
National Vaccine Safety Award


Hunter College, Bronx, New York.  A.B. Degree
Writers Workshop, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa.  M.A. in English.
University of San Francisco, Internet Marketing Course, 2011

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