Retailer Spotlight: The Ballet Boutique Company

By Ronni Sandroff | Apr. 2017  | Dance Retailer News “Elegance and class without the high prices!” That’s the selling point of the newest Ballet Boutique in a spanking new shopping center in downtown Doral, FL, a fast-growing city near Miami. Entering the spacious...

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Art Basel Miami Side Fairs Provide Surprise and Color

Art fairs, petite and tall, accompany Art Basel and Art Miami like a very long train of bridesmaids and ushers. Whether they’re at grand hotels or displayed in rooms emptied of beds in small ones, the galleries work their hearts out to showcase the works, and the...

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The Art of Provocation, Art Basel Miami 2016

By Ronni Sandroff | Dec. 2016  | While 20th-century art seemed to dominate the showings at Art Basel Miami this year, a work that was only a month old attracted the most attention. Artist Rirkrit Tiravanija seized the moment and used the November...

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Off the Wall Art at Art Boca Raton

By Ronni Sandroff | Mar. 2016  | Some of my favorite pieces in the 42 galleries exhibiting at the first annual Art Boca Raton were both on and off the wall, which produced a dynamic energy.  Among the most striking was Helen Lopez “Alone in My...

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Two Don’t-Miss Exhibits at Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale

By Ronni Sandroff | Mar. 2016  | “Who is going to buy a nine-foot painting of someone they don’t know?” a gallery owner asked painter Chuck Close at the start of his career.  “Don’t worry,” Close replied, “They’ll all go to museums.” This story...

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Javier Martin Opening

By Ronni Sandroff | Feb. 2016  | Alternately glitzy, stark and enigmatic, the works in Javier Martin’s new show, “War, Consumption, And Other Human Hobbies,” at Valli Art Gallery in Wynwood until October 18, are designed to shake up our vision of...

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The Magic in Everyday Things, at Art Basel Miami 2015

By Ronni Sandroff | Dec. 2015  | Although the use of everyday objects in works of art was so persistent at Art Basel Miami that it bordered on cliche, there was an exciting number of sensibility-shifting works of art built from very humble...

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