Here is a small sample of my editorials and personal essays. Seeking a publishing “home” where I can regularly comment on current public and private issues for a defined and copacetic audience. Want to become a wise editor’s favorite scribe.

Are You Feeling Empowered Yet?

By Ronni Sandroff | Sept. 2012 | The Hastings Center Report In this issue of the Report, Eric Juengst, Michael Flatt, and Richard Settersten, Jr., explore the positioning of genomic research as a "paradigm changer." This notion has given the field a certain cache...

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A Quick Cure for the Pessimism Pandemic

By Ronni Sandroff | Feb. 2012  | Next Avenue Turning lemons into lemonade? Here’s an actual recipe Are we doomed yet? This is kind of a daunting year. The omens are bad, according to the ancient Mayans, as interpreted by contemporary prophets of calamity. Even good...

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