Welcome to my once and future voyage into fiction writing. After publishing two books of fiction and a dozen short stories in national and literary magazines, I got distracted by decades of earning a living in magazine editing.

I’ve recently taken up the reigns of fiction again, and find it inspiring that the short stories collected here have, at least for me, withstood the test of time. The novels, represented by their covers and reviewer comments, are not currently in print and can be purchased at some used book sites.

New work will be posted here soon. Keep me to that promise!

Recent Publications

The Flirt

By Ronni Sandroff | March 19, 2021 | P.S. I Love You MEDIUM

You’ll Be Crying in a Minute

“You’ll Be Crying in a Minute,” remains one of my favorite pieces. The story was written at a time when motherhood was out of fashion amid all the excitement over women entering and succeeding in the workplace. Those of us who were pioneering working moms got...

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Fighting Back

Three years after her literary debut, praised by Kurt Vonnegut as “strong, imaginative, spookily candid,” Ronni Sandroff gives us a powerful new novel. In Fighting Back, she takes us into the life, the feelings, the fears of a young woman entangled in—and trying...

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Party Party | Girlfriends | two short novels

Party Party “At once serious and light-handed, these novels mark an auspicious debut for a natural—a brilliant—young writer.” Danny Yoder, graduate student and deserted husband of Allegra, talks—and drinks—through the long night of his wife’s disappearance, waiting...

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The Frump Queen

By Ronni Sandroff | Oct. 1968  | Redbook Magazine Twelve floats, representing the major sororities and fraternities, had passed, overflowing with fresh flowers and white-gloved, smiling girls in evening gowns. The master of ceremonies swallowed audibly and...

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Cut Your losses, Cover Your Bets

When the man in the yellow jeep ahead of her changed lanes, Zemira was possessed with an urge to pursue him. What could possibly be wrong with giving in to her desire? By Ronni Sandroff | Oct. 1979 | Cosmopolitan None of the cars were going anywhere. Zemira Kaufman...

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